Sara E. Seger in Suspension, Photo by Sofia Negron

Sara E. Seger in Suspension, Photo by Sofia Negron

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“Suspension”, May O’Donnell’s 1943 modern dance classic, was performed June 2014 by Rioult Dance at The Joyce Theater in NYC.  Inspired by her memory of seeing a plane fly below her on a hilltop in California, Ms. O’Donnell felt Suspension was best explained by T.S. Elliot’s observations in “Four Quartets”… that dance was “at the still point of the turning world”.  A work of formal abstraction combining bursts of movement with protracted stillness, “Suspension” uses seven dancers who meet and separate in their own serene orbits. Originally choreographed for seven women, the Joyce performance  substituted men for three of the original women’s parts creating a new dimension.  The New York Times in its 2014 review called Suspension “a treasure” and described the dancers as seeming to “float through space with a tranquil, unflappable air”. Click Here to read the full NY Times review.

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The Music and Dance Foundation, Inc. was conceived and incorporated to devote its assets and activities to the respective and allied fields of music and dance. That is, the main thrust of the Foundation is to offer support to individuals, organizations and institutions devoted to the creation and performance of new works in the field of music and dance.

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